About Us

DONGYANG ASIA is a recognized Philippine company duly registered in all help to write concerned government authorities and departments. We have been introducing highly innovative technology through our products in the construction industry.

Our principal, Dongyang Industry Development Co., Ltd., is China’s leading manufacturer of rebar couplers. Having 25 years of operational experience with hundreds of structures built using thier product and also a major supplier worldwide.

DONGYANG ASIA pioneered and specialized in “MECHANICAL REBAR COUPLER” – a product solution for rebar splicing challenges, with wide product range that cater to the growing requirements compliying the building code local and international. We have been in the market for the past 10 years collaborating with various Contructors and Trading Company.

Over the years, DONGYANG ASIA “rebar couplers” has earned strong recognition in the Philippines. and have executed and successfully completed prestigious projects for reputable companies such as MDC, DMCI, MEGAWIDE, DDTKI, WKI, DATEM, HILMARC’S, and EEI to name a few.

With our broad experience in construction business, DONGYANG ASIA offers the market our “Mechanical Coupler” – — a leading edge product in rebar connection also ensure reliable supply of product and sevices. We pride ourselves on being a value added operation, offering you service from beginning to the end and everywhere in between our method of pursuing and providing high standard manufactured products, perfect quality, latest high end technologies and on-site technicalchiefessays.net support team as an integral part of our company’s commitment to clients.

DONGYANG ASIA rebar coupler offers the most cost – effective method of joining reinforcing bars that met the standard code of Local and International regulatory organization. Hence to conclude.

DONGYANG ASIA guarantees a professional and pragmatic coordination of engineering, procurement and delivery assurance according to clientele’s planning.