Rebar Replant System

Dongyang Cold stamping Coupler technology:

Cold stamping coupler is suitable for d=20—40mm anamorphic steel bar. Is a solution of the projects they have a problems cannot do a lap splicing a rebar, if the rebar is too short and already planted in the concrete.


As proved by projects, this kind of connection is simple and effective, which has the following strong advantage compared with traditional binding and jointing:

  1. Strong intensity connector, stable and reliable; no specific requirements on the weldablility of the rebar;no threading request.
  2. Only needs 1 – 3m to stamp each connector, which is about ten times faster than ordinary welding;
  3. Only 1 – 3 kw power of oil pump , which is not limited by power capacity, has flexible structure and suitable for operation on several machines;
  4. No flammable gases, not affected by rainy or cold weather;
  5. Relieve congestion of the connecting point, facilitated concrete pouring;
  6. No professional and experienced worker needed, able to connect changed steel bar of different diameters;
  7. Save 80% of connector steel consumption.

Parameters of Dongyang Cold stamping Coupler